Today in the city Reform 13.12.2017
A Doug Jones win makes the GOP's tax reform push even more urgent

Doug Jones, the apparent winner of Alabama's Senate election, has signaled that he would oppose the GOP tax plan.

Roy Moore loses Alabama Senate race after bid beset by sexual assault claims

Challenger Doug Jones becomes the first Democrat to win any statewide office in decades, as Moore’s loss deals a major blow to Donald TrumpDemocrat Doug Jones won a remarkable upset victory over contr...

The brutal reviews for the GOP tax bill are piling up

Two new polls showed that the GOP tax bill is deeply unpopular, echoing other surveys. A USA Today/Suffolk University poll found that 32% of people approved of the bill, while 48% disapproved. A Maris...

Tillerson on North Korea: 'I will continue our diplomatic efforts until the first bomb drops'

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said he will pursue diplomatic efforts with North Korea up "until the first bomb drops." Tillerson said the only goal the administration of President Donald Trump has...

Stanley Druckenmiller calls hedge fund loophole in tax reform 'outrageous'

The former hedge fund managers says the billionaires who lobbied to keep the loophole ought to "be ashamed."

Alabama Senate race importance to markets goes beyond Senate tax reform vote

Wall Street is watching the Alabama Senate race, wondering how it could affect tax cuts and the Republican agenda.

Watch: Paul Ryan and House GOP leaders speak amid tax reform push

House Republicans hold a news conference Tuesday as the party continues its push to overhaul the American tax system.

Congress Must Reform the Broken 340B Program

Hospitals are exploiting 340B to enrich themselves at the expense of poor patients. Their abuse of the program drives up the health tab borne by taxpayers and everyone with private health insurance.

A $200 billion quant fund says one of the biggest concerns over the GOP tax reform is completely overblown

AQR Capital Management, a quantitative-focused hedge fund overseeing $208 billion, sought to dispell the four biggest myths associated with corporate share repurchases. The firm argues that companies...

Will tax reform be the GOP's Obamacare?

Will the tax reform effort be the GOP’s version of Obamacare? I don’t know, and neither does anyone else. We have little idea what the final legislation will look like and, even if we did, it’s hard t...

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